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A day at the Pecheries Les Brisants

1. From the boat’s hold to the auction

Each night, the dockers prepare the fish auctions. When taken from the boat’s hold the fish are immediately washed and sorted by species and size to make homogeneous lots, then lined up in the market hall under the control of the veterinary services. The coastal fish are unloaded each afternoon by the fishermen themselves. Their catch is sold from 3-30pm based on their order of arrival at the port.

2. Purchasing by auction

Nowadays, dials, beeps and internet have replaced sales by word of mouth. The auctioneer sets a starting price for each lot. According to the auction, the lots are allotted to the wholesalers by descending bids (the fastest winning) or by rising bids (the most perseverant winning). The fish auctions begin a 6 o’clock with the smaller fish sales taking place every afternoon. Each day we buy from the stalls at the auctions in Loctudy, Le Guilvinec and Saint Guenole and by internet from the auctions at Roscoff, Brest, Audierne and Concarneau.

3. The implementation

As soon as the auctions are finished, there is a race against time. Whilst the office is synthesising the day’s deals, the workshop gets organised to combine both the shipment of the first orders and the sorting of the goods. Each lot is graded for size and cut up if necessary (skate, monkfish, fillets….). This part of the work is essential to control the quality of the merchandise and the quantities we can offer our customers.

4. Preparing the orders

Almost all of the fish are wrapped to order to suit the particular requirements of the customer (cut into pieces, fillets and skinned or un-skinned loin, particular sizes….). The crates, labelled empty, are distributed to the particular work post in the workshop (whole fish packaging, skate skinning and filleting, crayfish, skinned fish, fillets with skin on).

5. Shipment

As soon as each section has wrapped and weighed its produce, the crates are chilled and strapped in our workshop. Then, each order is set individually on a trolley or pallet in the refrigeration room and then labelled. The number of packages designated to each customer and carefully checked before being handed over to the transporter.

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A day at the Pecheries Les Brisants
  • From the boat’s hold to the auction
  • Purchasing by auction
  • The implementation
  • The preparation of the order
  • The shipment